According to the report, Sylvester was a passenger traveling north on U.S. Hwy 550 before the crash. Sylvester was driving in his Chevy Silverado when he attempted t0 make a left turn near mile marker 135.  As he slowed to make the turn, his vehicle was struck from behind causing major damage. It’s believed that the guilty driver was not paying attention before the crash. Kensley Sylvester was killed as a result of the crash and his passengers were in critical condition.

Investigators were able to rule out impairment and are leaning towards inattention as the cause. EMTs arrived at the scene and transported those injured to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the suspect vehicle was not arrested or cited at the scene but this will most likely change. Police are asking the community to assist with testimony if anyone witnessed the crash. So far, no one has come forward. The names of the other victims that were injured are being held for privacy reasons and the suspect driver will be left unnamed until the investigation concludes.

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