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Count on the State's Largest Personal Injury Law Firm

Will Ferguson & Associates has established deep roots in New Mexico during our 30-plus years of practice. We are proud to say we are the largest personal injury firm in the state, with a widespread reputation for excellence. Our personal injury law firm in Albuquerque, NM, is the largest in the state, but not too large to offer personalized, client-centered representation. Our attorneys are aggressive legal advocates, but also compassionate human beings. We are nice guys, but tough lawyers. Will Ferguson & Associates represents clients strictly on a contingency fee basis, ensuring you do not owe any legal fees until you have received a jury verdict or settlement. Please contact us today to speak to a lawyer or schedule a free consultation.

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The team at Ferguson Law is dedicated to helping victims and their families focus on recovery.

About Will Ferguson & Associates

Will Ferguson & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is New Mexico's largest and most successful personal injury law firm. Recognized as an authority in the legal community, we offer strategic insight and personal attention to victims of negligence and wrongdoing. At Will Ferguson & Associates, you can find a personal injury lawyer to fully review your case, provide you with straightforward legal advice, and build a case against responsible parties.

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About Our Practice

Our practice focuses exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death cases on behalf of plaintiffs. These include victims of motor vehicle accidents, collisions of all kinds, and incidents involving legal or medical malpractice, and all types of product liability injuries. Our attorneys take on the most complex and challenging cases, including multi-party incidents, accidents involving commercial trucking, and bad faith insurance cases.

We are also one of the few law firms that will advocate for clients injured by legal malpractice and the mistakes of other attorneys. When injustice is evident, we are unafraid to pursue all legal remedies to help 'right the wrongs' inflicted on injured victims and families.

The Clear Difference

Unlike smaller firms, Will Ferguson & Associates has the resources to invest in major litigation and the staff to handle a heavy workload. With two office locations in Albuquerque, our firm employs ten seasoned attorneys assisted by our highly-trained support staff and team of investigators. When we get a call from a prospective client, we can have an investigator at the accident scene in 30 minutes.

The Service We Deliver at Our Practice

Brent Bailey, an attorney formerly of our office,  speaks about what distinguishes us from other law firms. For instance, we exclusively handle large cases with significant and serious consequences for the victims, and assist them and their families through complicated legal processes. Unlike other law firms, we don't take every case that comes across our desks - we want to put our skills to the best use in the legal system, and carefully select the clients whose lives we can significantly improve with our service.

Our accident reconstruction and discovery work is thorough, and it pays off, as evidenced by our record of verdicts and settlements. Our network includes experts of all kinds and specialists who clarify complex scientific data. These resources provide an edge that can sometimes make or break a case. Our team has a renowned presence in the New Mexico legal arena and our past casework has sparked numerous judicial decisions that have significantly changed the laws of the state. We know the key players in our local state and federal courts, and we know how to navigate the system to our clients’ benefit.

If you have experienced a serious accident, or have received substandard treatment by a medical, legal or insurance professional, our team at Will Ferguson & Associates would like to help.

The Importance of Hiring Strong Legal Representation

Hiring a lawyer is an important step towards achieving justice and appropriate compensation following a personal injury. With an attorney on your side, you will certainly need to pay legal fees, but your overall gain will be far more significant than it could ever be if you go it alone. Contact Will Ferguson & Associates to get the legal advice you need today.

Community Support

Will Ferguson & Associates also works to improve the availability of civil justice for all. Our Justice Project, separately administered, was set up to help clients with small cases, the types of claims that larger firms usually do not accept. Justice Project uses former claims supervisors and adjusters to obtain a just result on an expedited, lower fee basis. We understand that what seems to be a small case to many law firms can be very important to an individual.

We also have developed a facility known as Trial Metrix, and make it available as a training program for college students and new lawyers, as well as a mock trial forum on all our cases. Participants are able to practice in a realistic, replica courtroom setting, gaining valuable experience and nsight into the legal process.

Receive Proven Representation

If you have experienced a serious accident, or have received substandard treatment by a medical, legal, or insurance professional, out team at Will Ferguson & Associates would like to help. We offer a free consultation. Please contact us today.

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