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Our Verdicts and Settlements

Sound analysis, determined action get results

At Will Ferguson & Associates, New Mexico's largest personal injury law firm, our lawyers have a decades-long record of success in obtaining fair and just compensation for victims of negligence due to the acts of others.

We have built our professional reputation fighting hard for our clients. We know what's at stake for them and their families. In every case, our goal is to maximize compensation for our clients.

Will Ferguson & Associates Verdicts & Settlements

Although confidentiality limits what we can disclose, notable verdicts and settlements Will Ferguson & Associates obtained for clients we represented include:

Auto Accidents

  • Stopsign Collision Caused by Speeding Drunk Driver: $430,000 Settlement
  • Road Debris: $450,000 Settlement
  • Motorcycle Accident: $100,000 Settlement
  • Rollover, Multi-vehicle: $216,000 Settlement
  • Rollover, Single Vehicle: $215,000 Settlement
  • Red Light Collision: $502,000 Jury Verdict

Truck Accidents

  • Head-on Crash by two Carlsbad-area waterhaulers: $2,500,000 wrongful-death Jury Verdict
  • Semi Truck Collision (Canadian couple rear ende at construction site): $2,500,000 Settlement
  • Semi Truck Collision (12-year-old boy killed by sleeping driver): $975,000 Settlement
  • Trucking Negligence: (from failure to secure load) $4,000,000 Settlement
  • Semi Truck Collision (wrongful death caused by driver sleeping at wheel) $1,000,000 Settlement
  • Dump Truck Collision (Wrongful Death of motorist due to driver negligence): $550,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice

  • Failure to Treat Pulmonary Embolism: $1,000,000 Settlement
  • Plastic Surgery Malpractice: $400,000 Settlement
  • Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis:  $1,000,000 Settlement
  • Bladder Injury During Hysterectomy: $275,000 Verdict
  • Coumadin™ (Warfarin) Overdose: resulting in brain bleed and death $450,000 Settlement
  • Pediatric Medical Negligence (wrongful death caused by improper cancer treatment): $7,500,000
  • Hip Fracture at Nursing Home: $90,000 Settlement
  • Cardiac Arrest during Spinal Anesthesia (causing brain damage): $1,000,000, plus Confidential Settlement
  • Delayed Cesarean Delivery: $1,000,000, plus Confidential Settlement

Wrongful Death Accidents

  • Auto Wrongful Death (caused by employer's negligent hire): $1,500,000 Settlement
  • DUI Death (caused by employer's driver who had prior DUIs): $8,500,000 Verdict
  • DUI Death (pedestrian killed by drunk driver): $435,000 Settlement

Product Liability (Dangerous Products)

  • Faulty Cement Mixer: $450,000 Settlement
  • Industrial Product Liability (faulty fire suppression system): $725,000 Settlement
  • SUV Crash-worthiness: $4,000,000 Settlement

Premises Liability

  • Fractured Wrist in Fall at Movie Theater: $155,000 Settlement
  • Blind Patron Slips on Wet floor: $100,000 Settlement
  • Back Injury from Tripping on Box in Store: $130,000 settlement
  • Collision with Waiter in Restaurant Causing Fall: $75,000 Settlement
  • Fall in Parking Lot Injuring Wrist: $170,000 Settlement
  • Woman Trips, Shatters Wrist in Auto Dealership Parking Lot: $200,000 Jury Verdict

Government Liability Claims

  • Police Shooting: $900,000 Settlement
  • Institutional Rape (minor raped by other minor resident): $800,000 Settlement
  • Police Misconduct (wrongful death caused by excessive force): $1,875,000 Verdict
  • Police Misconduct (death caused by excessive force): $4,200,000 Settlement
  • Police Misconduct (wrongful death accident caused by excessive force): $490,000 Settlement
  • Injured Policeman: $1,000,000 Settlement
  • Police Misconduct (damages caused by negligent operation of cruiser): $250,000 Settlement

Insurance Disputes

Construction Accidents

  • Trench Collapse: $450,000 Settlement
  • Architect Falls from Roof During Inspection: $1,000,000 Settlement Wrongful Death from Improper Structure Placement: $640,000 Settlement
  • Wrongful Death Resulting from Failure to Install Traffic Signage: $825,000 Settlement

For a free consultation with an experienced attorney at Will Ferguson & Associates, call 800-251-5566 or contact us online.We do NOT require a retainer to handle your personal injury claim. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Will Ferguson & Associates Appellate Decisions

  •  Hinkle v State Farm & Cas. Co, 2013-NMCA-084, 308 P.3d 1009.
    Define Insurer’s failure to defend and to provide liability insurance.
  • Encinias v Whitener Law Firm, P.A., 2013-NMCA-003, 294 P.3d 1245.
    Prosecution for failure to file within the applicable statute of limitations.
  • Will Ferguson & Assocs v Gengler, 2012-NMCA-093, 287 P.3d 350.
    Upheld jury verdict in favor of WF&A.
  • Windham v L.C.I.2. Inc., 2012-NMCA-001, 268 P.3d 528.
    Contractor failed to provide coverings of the cutouts for skylights.
  • Montoya v Pearson, 2006-NMCA-097, 140 N.M. 243, P.3d 11.
    Emotional distress of seeing passenger killed.
  • Miera v State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co., 2004-NMCA-059, 135 N.M. 574, 92 P.3d 20.
    Coverage when decedent was shot and killed by an occupant of an uninsured vehicle.
  • Graubard v Balcor Co., 2000-NMCA-032, 128 N.M. 790, 999 P.2d 434.
    Court of Appeals reversed and remanded for reconsideration.
  • Ramirez v Ramirez, 1996-NMCA-116, 122 N.M. 590, 929 P.2d 982.
    Defendant was not liable for an auto accident under the family purpose doctrine.
  • Ortiz v BTU Block & Concrete Co., 1996-NMCA-097, 122 N.M. 381, 925 P.2d 1.
    Failure to award full benefits for temporary total disability.
  • Houghland v Grant, 1995-NMCA-005, 119 N.M. 422, 891 P.2d 563.
    Hospital could be liable for malpractice of it’s physicians as apparent agents.
  • Romero v Shumate Constructors, Inc., 1994-NMCA-137, 119 N.M. 58, 888 P.2d 940.
    Workers’ compensation benefits awarded against the general contractor.
  • McEaddy v N.M. State Agency for Surplus Prop., 2015 N.M. App. Unpub. LEXIS 4.
    Right and justice demand that estoppel be applied against the State.
  • Zia Trust, Inc. v Mt States Constructors, Inc., 2014 N.M. App. Unpub.
  • Varela v Ortiz, 2014 N.M. App. Unpub. LEXIS 77.
  • Newton v Ortiz, 2012 N.M. App. Unpub. LEXIS 237.
  • In re Wrongful Death Estate of Lucero, 2012 N.M. App. Unpub. LEXIS 54
    Father was not eligible as a statutory beneficiary to wrongful death claim.
  • Johnson v Sch. Bd., 1992-NMCA-125, 114 N.M. 750, 845 P.2d 844.
    APS had the responsibility to maintain a crosswalk and accompanying signs.
  • Clay v Ferrellgas, 1992-NMCA-076, 114 N.M. 333, 838 P2.d 487.
    As the risk of harm increases, the duty of reasonable care increases. Employer may be liable to employee for negligent premises.
  • Mireles v Broderick, 1992-NMCA-011, 113 N.M. 459, 827 P.2d 947.
    Res ipsa loquitur applied.
  • Fahr v Aaron McGruder Trucking, 1988-NMCA-041, 107 N.M. 241, 755 P.2d 85.
    Award of client disability benefits in a workers’ compensation case.
  • Frappier v Mergler, 1988-NMCA-021, 107 N.M.  61, 752 P.2d 253.
    Tort claim notice requirement did not apply to public employees.
  • Hamel v Winkworth, 1984-NMCA-123, 102 N.M. 133, 692 P.2d 58.
    Special interrogatory on the need for a future medical care in medical malpractice case.
  • Am. States Ins. Co. v Frost, 1990-NMSC-065, 110 N.M. 188, 793 p.2d 1341.
    An underinsured benefit was not payable from and uninsured tortfearsor.

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