Why We Report on New Mexico Accident News

Will Ferguson & Associates is dedicated to serving the people injured by the negligence of others. Over the years, though, we've seen the carnage drunken drivers and reckless drivers have inflicted on our clients and on the New Mexico public at large.

In our news blog, we report on cases of personal injury relevant to our line of work, and we report on news of judgments and appellate cases that affect the rights of personal injury claimants. We feel it our duty to raise public awareness of the injury and tragic loss of life occurring on our highways every single day.

To those who have been injured or lost some one in an auto accident, we offer our sincerest condolences.

How Safe Is Your SUV?

Side Airbags Fail to Deploy On Two Models Have you been wondering just how safe or unsafe your small SUV is? Well, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on Wednesday released the latest results of its small SUV safety tests and it [...]

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