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We know that most motorcycle wrecks are caused by the other guy. You do what you can to protect yourself, but when you go down, you go down hard.

Sadly, anyone watching the TV news can recite the leading causes of motorcycle accidents on New Mexico's major highways – U.S. 550, U.S. 285, U.S. 84, U.S. 60, U.S. 64, U.S. 70 and I-40, I-25 and I-10.

Here’s a sobering fact:

Did you know that a pencil held vertically at arm’s length will block another driver’s view of an oncoming motorcycle at less than 200 feet? A failure to look means a crash can happen that fast.

The most common accident geometry:

An oncoming driver turns left across a motorcyclist’s path. Top contributing causes include other drivers' carelessness or inattention, plus roadway defects. Some of the worst motorcycle crashes occur because other drivers simply don't look for motorcyclists or they show no respect for motorcyclists' rights.

If you’re looking for legal representation because you or a member of your family were involved in a serious motorcycle accident and suffered a serious personal injury or wrongful death, our top-rated Albuquerque motorcycle accident lawyers can help.

We understand motorcycle accidents

Will Ferguson, the managing partner of Will Ferguson & Associates rides a Harley-Davidson, as does one of the firm’s senior attorneys, Robert C. Gutierrez.

Both recognize that no amount of money spent on leathers, a good exhaust system or defensive driving training can keep you safe from drivers who just don’t look out for or respect motorcycles.

That’s why when we take a motorcycle accident case, we bring in the best accident reconstruction experts to gather all available evidence to help you receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Our experience will help you identify all possible sources of compensation, including the uninsured motorists and under-insured motorist provisions of your motorcycle policy. That's because treatment of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash may require significant amounts of money and go on for years. Our top-rated New Mexico personal injury lawyers seek out medical experts to chart a path for you to return to health. We structure a case designed to pay for the best treatment possible far into the future, if necessary.

Did an insurance company call you?

As New Mexico's most successful personal injury law firm, we know that resolving insurance issues is complicated. If you’re not familiar with the process, you risk missing important deadlines, damaging your case with an innocent comment to an insurance adjuster, or failing to identify a source of compensation for your loss. You don’t have to handle this alone. Call us at (505) 633-0750.

Following a motorcycle accident, it is important to take early measures to see that you recover all insurance benefits and other compensation you are entitled to. At Will Ferguson & Associates, our job is to handle the financial and legal details for you and allow you to heal.

When you call, there is no obligation. A lawyer with relevant experience will explain your legal position and your options. If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney with our firm, please call (505) 633-0750 or email our Albuquerque office to arrange a free consultation and case review.

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