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When Will Ferguson & Associates, New Mexico’s most successful personal injury law firm, represents a victim of nursing home neglect, we hire medical experts to cut through the song and dance to find proof and demonstrate to a judge or jury exactly how our client’s injury or wrongful death resulted from the negligence of a nursing home or independent living or assisted living facility.

What constitutes nursing home neglect?

It can be difficult to distinguish between care that meets professional standards and improper care that constitutes negligence. Only due diligence by a law firm with expertise in nursing home negligence can determine whether there are grounds for a claim.

One sign that’s almost always an indicator of neglect: a bedsore. In its early stages, a bedsore is painful; if not treated promptly, it may actually become open to the bone and expose the patient to the risk of a serious infection.

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Slip and falls also can be a result of negligence:

  • Patients dropped during bed and wheelchair transfers
  • Residents who suffer slip or trip and fall injuries as a result of poor building maintenance or inappropriate clothing
  • Residents or patients who fall out of bed through falls that can be avoided by lowering the mattress closer to the floor or by using appropriate bed rails or restraints
  • Patients who fall as a result of over-sedation

Other examples of nursing home neglect include:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Fractures, bruises and untreated infections
  • Failure to supervise patients who wander
  • Elder abuse, including assault and exploitation by other residents or staff members
  • Falls while being bathed

Our New Mexico nursing home neglect lawyers provide powerful legal representation to some of the most vulnerable members of our community: residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities; and patients in hospitals and rehab units.

Talk to an attorney if you suspect neglect or abuse.

If you are concerned that negligence or abuse has caused an injury to someone you care about in a New Mexico nursing home, we encourage you to call us at (505) 633-0750 or email our office and arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys with experience in nursing home neglect. If we take the case, we will launch an immediate investigation; and of course, we charge no fees unless we recover compensation on our client’s behalf.

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