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Will Ferguson & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is New Mexico's largest and most successful personal injury law firm. Recognized as an authority in the legal community, our personal injury attorneys offer strategic insight and personal attention to victims of negligence and wrongdoing. At Will Ferguson & Associates, you can find a personal injury lawyer to fully review your case, provide you with straightforward legal advice, and build a case against responsible parties.

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Announcer: New Mexico's largest and most successful personal injury law firm, Will Ferguson & Associates, is the leader in its field and a recognized authority in the legal community for strategic insight into significant litigation of cases on behalf of clients injured by negligent acts. Will: We're a nine-man personal injury law firm located in two locations in Albuquerque. We do nothing but personal injury. We don't do small cases, we don't do divorces or incorporations. We don't do Social Security or veterans benefits. All we do, purely personal injury. Usually, we're fairly specialized in larger cases. The biggest part of our practice has been, for some years, referrals from other lawyers that don't practice in our specialty of cases that are large enough to justify a referral and require special resources. Announcer: When you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, choosing a lawyer to protect your interest will be the most important decision you make. Our trial lawyers are known for the unique blend of skill, energy, and passion they bring to each and every case. They've graduated at the top of their class from some of the most prominent law schools in the country and have honed their skills while working in the offices of the Attorney General, judges, and politicians. Will: We've got some fantastic attorneys, guys that are very serious about what they do, good at what they do. They're not part-timers, they're not first timers. They've been there, most of them, for decades. Very energetic case handling for the most part. Guys that know what they're doing and have achieved a certain place in their profession. We are an AV rated law firm, all of us. I'm very proud of that, it means something. Announcer: Will Ferguson and associates have thrived in both state and federal courts across the country, including numerous multi-district litigation cases, and achieved extraordinary verdicts for their clients. They have also gone head to head at the negotiating table with powerful corporations and insurance companies emerging with substantial settlements. Will: We've been successful in what we do, and we're proud of the success we have. My father was an asphalt worker, went to work in a rough job, every day for 40 years. That was his, the soul of his existence was show up every day for work, do a good job, give value for money, be proud of what you do. Announcer: We pride ourselves on referrals from clients who trusted us during extremely trying periods of their lives. Whether we were retained to represent a family who lost a member in a wrongful death case or auto accident or someone who suffered a serious injury caused by a powerful corporation or government entity. Tom: They're first class. They take care of people. I know that they set up trusts and things for people who get big settlements who have never had money before. And they realize that I need help here, and so the law firm sets that up so that they and their families are compensated for till way down the road years from now. It's nice to see that in a day where you hear so many things that lawyers are not good people, you know, and we've gotta get rid of lawyers. Ferguson & Associates really takes care of their clients. Announcer: Whether you need legal advice for medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, nursing home neglect, or many others, our highly professional staff will take your phone call and direct you to the correct person in our practice that has the years of experience to help you best with your case. Will: In our firm, we handle cases that can truly change people's lives. We've changed families, destinies, several generations. We've changed the way airlines operate in our state. We've changed laws, both at the regulatory level, at the statutory level, and in case law we have, I think, 18 important cases that changed case law in our area of the law in the state. We've been doing this for a long time at a fairly high level.

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