What Our Clients Say About our Personal Injury Law Office

The following comments, culled from past client surveys, will tell you much about our New Mexico law firm:

Nothing but praise with the way the case was handled.

Handled opposing counsel like a champ.

I felt that they took the time with me.

He even came to the hospital to speak with me.

Always followed through and reported back to me.

Superb, explained details and showed a willingness to clarify the minutest details.

Kept after the insurance company when they took 25 days to settle.

He kept me informed every step of the way and worked very hard and astutely for me.

Just simply brilliant, a superb advocate on my side.

Attorney did not put the case on the back burner, so to speak. He kept the process moving.

How friendly the workplace was and how competent and good everything was.

I liked very much that he’s a class guy. Very ethical. Very knowledgeable.

He made me feel he cared that I was hurt and even though we couldn’t prove it was not our fault, which it wasn’t, he kept fighting for us.” “Was patient and didn’t rush the case, which I appreciate.

Upfront and truthful. There is trust.

Was patient and didn’t rush the case, which I appreciate.

He was interested in the case the whole time. Always kept me informed of everything.

Courteous, attention, details of the process, availability, thoroughness, very organized.

Your firm was respectful, fair and friendly.

He consulted with me, had my best interests at heart and was very upfront and honest.

I felt I was always kept informed and I never thought that my questions or concerns were trivial or bothersome.

My interests were considered above his.

He was always helpful, considerate and patient, as well as very professional and competent. Better than merely competent. Excellent.

I was kept in the loop regarding information and what was going on with my case. Great communication.

Respected my wishes.

I was scared of the whole situation and he worked very hard to help me understand what he was doing step by step.

Very patient and understood how much pain I was under. He was very caring.

So much respect and care is given. Communication is fabulous.

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